First pass parsing MIDI

Sample MIDI
Sample MIDI

So. What is this MIDI stuff anyways? I touched on it while I said specifications can be fun and it’s about time I dive further into this rather old technology.

A communications protocol for musical instruments

At the core the title says it all. It’s a serial protocol that can be driven by a UART at 31250 baud.

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First pass parsing MIDI

MCU jungle

One of the many important choices when starting a hardware project is to choose the part that is going to be what everything else revolves around. Namely the Microcontroller.

I knew my minimum requirements were something like this:

  • 1 SPI
  • 2 I²S with master clock out
  • 1 I²C
  • 1 U(S)ART
  • LCD 8080/6800 parallel peripheral
  • USB FS (pref HS) Device

These all need to be accessible at the same time, so I don’t want to keep reconfiguring pins and all that jazz. I want a chip powerful enough to comfortably do what I want it to do. Comfortably for me, that is.

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MCU jungle

Specifications can be fun

Specifications I know. I usually get them from other people. At least I did. Just like those sentences, I can with this project – do whatever seems appropriate. Like ugly long sentences, that are hard to read because I make you look for that period until you mind is figuratively (and even make unnecessary asides just to let you know that “literally” would be entirely wrong in this context; and you already knew that) exhausted.

Specifications are easy!

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Specifications can be fun