Rapid design iterations in 3d

I’m pumped about this project, so today I got hold of a CAD file for the slightly larger version of the enclosure. This is where I’m at:

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It’s getting better, but I’m not sure about that vertical LCD. I’m considering going one of three ways:

LCD mounted to panel

I could countersink the front panel a bit, add some glue in there and press the LCD in place. A tight fit together with some glue would be sturdy. But now what? That cable will be hard to get to, and I don’t know. It just does not jive!

LCD mounted on a right angle, panel mounted PCB

I’m also considering attaching a PCB to the enclosure panel. It has screw mounts at an appropriate distance away from the panel for an LCD. They’ve thought about this I’m sure!

Though, this means two PCBs per unit. That will up the costs for me, and ultimately for you. It’s a no-go.

LCD mounted to the top of the enclosure

I actually got steered in this direction by an awesome friend and colleague who runs HC Timing. If you need a mesh-network and accurate timer for sports (targeted for alpine) then check his best-in-class product out! I’m not affiliated in any way.

Anyways, the idea for this method would be to have the LCD on the back side of the big green LCD. Now, I can route out a window in the enclosure. Add a membrane overlay switch matrix. Turn it around and; behold! I’ve got my self a nice looking product.

Here’s a random example off the internet for how a typical overlay can look:



Currently I’m thinking to go for the LCD on top + membrane option. Though I’ve never made a membrane (nor specified one) so I’ll need to research a bunch. Probably ask HC for some more tips too.


Rapid design iterations in 3d

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