Enclosure jungle

I’m going nuts with all the various enclosure sources, but none seem to really fit my bill!

There is a need to settle down on an enclosure before this project can go much further as it will dictate the various dimensions on all the rest of the parts.

I’ll give you a short list so you can see what I’m up against!

BOPLA http://www.bopla.de/
Box Enclosures http://www.boxenclosures.com
Changhe Enclosures http://www.enclosures.com.cn/en_index.php
Eurobox Enclosures http://www.euroboxenclosures.co.uk/index.php
Evatron http://evatron.com/
Fischer Elektronik http://www.fischerelektronik.de/index.php/cases-fcase/?&L=1
Hammond http://www.hammondmfg.com/scpg.htm (Also Eddystone Cases in the UK)
Kemo Electronic http://www.kemo-electronic.de/en/Components/Cases/
K&W (now a part of Wiltronics) http://www.wiltronics.com.au/catalogue/133126/electronic-components-and-parts/boxes-enclosures-and-storage-cases/kandw-metal-boxes (Aussie Made!)
Lincoln Binns http://www.lincolnbinns.com/products.htm
Metcase http://www.metcase.com/
Multi-box http://www.multi-box.com/gehaeuse.html
New Age Enclosures http://www.newageenclosures.com/
OKW http://www.okwenclosures.com/index.htm
Polycase http://www.polycase.com/
Retex http://www.retex.es/en/Enclosures.axd
Ritec http://www.ritec.com.tw/enclosure.htm
Serpac http://www.serpac.com/
Strapubox http://strapubox.de/5/Home_.html
Supertronic http://www.supertronic.com/index.asp
Takachi http://www.takachi-enclosure.com/
Teko http://www.tekoenclosures.com/enclosures/enclosures.html
UniBox http://www.uniboxenclosures.com/

For a complete list, look at my source here EEVBlog Enclosure List by gregariz. Enjoy 😉


Enclosure jungle

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