First pass layout

First pass PCB layout
First pass PCB layout

I’ve just done a quick layout, as I usually do. Why so soon? To uncover potential problems down the line! Did I find one already? Yes.

Just a quick update. I’ve done some quick test fitting and placement of parts on the current sized PCB. This is the max the enclosure can take, and I think the width is a bit too narrow. At 16cm there’s no room for the dual MIDI connectors.

Yet again, I’m faced with the need to thing bigger. It will be worth it though, to get away from only having to CNC one of the panels.

One option I’ll have to research is the possibility to have a right angle SD card holder, but I’m not sure it would provide enough structural integrity for the product. If I’m wrong, I’ll look for a stacked MIDI (5-pin DIN) connector as well.

Oh well… A lot of things still to consider. Looks like I’ll be going through the Enclosure Jungle again.


First pass layout

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