Enclosure jungle

I’m going nuts with all the various enclosure sources, but none seem to really fit my bill!

There is a need to settle down on an enclosure before this project can go much further as it will dictate the various dimensions on all the rest of the parts.

I’ll give you a short list so you can see what I’m up against!

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Enclosure jungle

MCU jungle

One of the many important choices when starting a hardware project is to choose the part that is going to be what everything else revolves around. Namely the Microcontroller.

I knew my minimum requirements were something like this:

  • 1 SPI
  • 2 I²S with master clock out
  • 1 I²C
  • 1 U(S)ART
  • LCD 8080/6800 parallel peripheral
  • USB FS (pref HS) Device

These all need to be accessible at the same time, so I don’t want to keep reconfiguring pins and all that jazz. I want a chip powerful enough to comfortably do what I want it to do. Comfortably for me, that is.

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MCU jungle

Specifications can be fun

Specifications I know. I usually get them from other people. At least I did. Just like those sentences, I can with this project – do whatever seems appropriate. Like ugly long sentences, that are hard to read because I make you look for that period until you mind is figuratively (and even make unnecessary asides just to let you know that “literally” would be entirely wrong in this context; and you already knew that) exhausted.

Specifications are easy!

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Specifications can be fun