Devkit has arrived!

Just a short update from me today: I received the devkit from WaveShare (only two days, wow) and it looks good! I like the layout and there’s excellent documentation. Of course the mechanical aspects are all on the cheaper side, but what do you expect for this price? Over all I’m super happy so far and would recommend anyone looking for a devkit, to search their site for something appropriate (not affiliated).



Devkit has arrived!

System Workbench for STM32

I love it when mCU manufacturers makes it easy to get started for free. Even more when they use technologies I know from before. No esoteric compiler, no weird debugging system I’d have to learn and research.

When I started this blog post I thought I’d have to document many steps in order to get to tool-chain and the IDE up and running, but I was wrong.

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System Workbench for STM32

MCU jungle

One of the many important choices when starting a hardware project is to choose the part that is going to be what everything else revolves around. Namely the Microcontroller.

I knew my minimum requirements were something like this:

  • 1 SPI
  • 2 I²S with master clock out
  • 1 I²C
  • 1 U(S)ART
  • LCD 8080/6800 parallel peripheral
  • USB FS (pref HS) Device

These all need to be accessible at the same time, so I don’t want to keep reconfiguring pins and all that jazz. I want a chip powerful enough to comfortably do what I want it to do. Comfortably for me, that is.

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MCU jungle